Practice Areas

Corporate and Commercial Law

Among many other aspects of law vital to you, corporate and commercial practice cannot be explored without a prompt and efficient application of the law. We are positioned to provide appropriate legal consultation and services ranging from business registrations, mergers and acquisitions, contracts and other business drafting, investments, negotiations, compliance with regulatory bodies, and so on.

Real Estates and Property Law

Acquiring and transferring property and rights attached to them have an unavoidable tie with the law. We have the legal knowledge, experience and know-how of deals relating to the landed property to bring clients to their intended results through negotiation, consultation, investigation, drafting of relevant documents and registration where required in Leases, Assignment, Acquisition, Gifts and more.

Intellectual Property Law

With the rate at which masterpieces, content creation, artworks, inventions and designs are being chunked out and easily accessible in this day, the importance of Intellectual Property protection cannot be overemphasized. There are various available laws aimed at securing the rights of creative, designers, manufacturing engineers, architects, performers, broadcasters, actors, producers etc., in Nigeria and in the world at large. These rights (e.g. Trademark, Copyright, Patents Copyright, and Performer’s Right) can be enforced locally and internationally. We provide access to the protection and enforcement of such rights in accordance with the law.

Information Technology Law

The widespread and almost indispensable use of modern Information and Communication technologies have presented need for novel addition and reform of laws that affect every area of human existence. Although different laws, for example the Evidence Act 2011, have been made to give face to Electronically Generated Evidence, IT law does not end there. It is distinct yet deeply embedded in contract law, Intellectual Property, Criminal Law and many others. We provide consultation and services on E-Commerce, Internet and Computer Services, Personal Data Protection and other Cyber issues.

Finance Law

We maintain a welcoming position towards your economic advancement within the provisions of the relevant laws.

ADR and Litigation

Conflict may not always be anticipated but it is definitely a part of day-to-day dealings. It may be minor but with severe aftermath. There is the provision for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in a bid to handle issues without severing ties and wasting precious time, energy and resources in court. It is however noteworthy that some parties may be dissatisfied with the outcome. Hence, the importance of Litigation. In disputes, our ultimate goal is an amicable settlement, and in attaining this, we explore ADR and Litigation where each is required or necessary. We have a speciality in Torts, Contractual disputes, Infringement, Debt Recovery and other civil matters.